Discovering New Ways To Change Technology Education

Our culture is so dependent upon technology that almost every business in every industry uses a computer to manage data or process information.  The report published by the economist, Lauren Csorny, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that by the year 2020, there is an estimated increase 47 % in demand for technology jobs.  Currently, roughly half a million cybersecurity-related jobs are unfilled in the United States with a projected need of 1.8 million additional cyber professionals needed by 2022

What Does that Mean for the Next Generation?

The demand is expected to increase exponentially each year, as more and more technology is accepted into our lives.  With schools facing limited resources and time, it is essential that we, as parents and guardians, explore new ways to help prepare our children for their future.  It is time to invest in their future by providing them with a consistent creative environment where they can foster technical skills that will help them through their entire life.

We are Guardians for Your Child’s Future

Proficiency in a skill takes time and a lot of practice.  When it comes to our children’s future,  is our job as parents and educators to give our children the best opportunities for exposure to life skills that prepare them for independence as adults.  Based on the increasing demand in technology, this preparation should specifically include the development of computer skills as early as possible in their development so they have time to master the wide variety of key skills necessary to support their career before entering the workforce. But how?

Educators Need Help

Today’s educators need help to carry the burden of training the future workforce.  The reality is that so many in society have looked at placing an emphasis on higher education to solve economic problems when it is impossible for those educators to do it alone.  Between academic guidelines, budgets and simply being present for young adults to teach them, there is no time left in the day for them to keep current on their own skills.  Creating relevant curriculum takes a great deal of time to both develop and manage especially in a world that continually evolves with each new program, gadget or system created.  In our experience, even college-level educators struggle to keep up with the skills necessary to prepare themselves to be qualified to teach your children.  Educators already agree that earlier exposure to STEM programs would be helpful, but even K-12 educators struggle to find the time to both master and implement these skills into an already tightly structured curriculum to really be effective in preparing students for career-path training.

Parents Need Help

Parents also need support to carry part of the burden in providing opportunities for their children.  Many working adults themselves struggle with finding the time or financial resources to continue or even start an education to simply provide a better future and opportunities for their family.   Between work, school and family time, little time or resources remain for them to even research different options in extracurricular activities that include exposure to learning more about technology and how it works for themselves or their family.

Empowering Students With Options and Information Is How Technology Professionals Can Fill the Gap

TechEd Tutors has held hundreds of conversations with educators, students, parents, and employers to develop a program that serves the community through academic support, career counseling and community programs designed to advance specific technical skills that excel career opportunities and workforce placement.   From curriculum resources for educators and parents to an online learning resource library, TechEd Tutors help students take charge of their interests and develop skills that will help them find a job they love to do.  In collaboration with the corporate community, we also offer mentoring programs to help continually guide and support their progress which can also lead to scholarship opportunities, internships, and ultimately – jobs.

Our Vision

Our initial goals will be to work with local organizations that serve families to provide access to guidance counseling for technology career paths, educational resources and mentoring opportunities for the youth in our communities to foster their interest in pursuing technology careers.  Additionally,  we look to partner with like-minded technology professionals who can become guidance counselors, role models, mentors for students interested in technology careers.  We are also looking for technology companies interested in partnering with us to provide guidance on skill set requirements and curriculum development to support educators as well as help shape TechEd Training Days which includes programs specifically targeted to students and their families to inspire tomorrow’s workforce. Simultaneously, we look to partner with educators and learning institutions to offer workshops and curriculum development support to provide their faculty and administrators with relevant tools they need to confidently implement career paths and courses that better match current workforce requirements.

Our Mission

TechEd Tutors serves the community through academic support, career counseling and community programs designed to advance technology skills that excel career opportunities and workforce placement.

How To Get Involved

Parents & Educators

Parents, Educators, and Youth Program Organizers, if you are interested in learning more about this program for your own children, students or community, please submit a request to be included in program announcements and updates as they are released.

More Information

Business Leaders

We are looking for both Investors and Student Mentors interested in our mission to help us launch this program. If you are interested in learning more, please submit a request to set-up a meeting to further discuss our vision and needs assessment.

More Information

Industry Professionals

If you are a technology professional with a desire to help inspire tomorrow’s workforce, we would love to connect with you!  We will need assistance with curriculum, equipment resources and instructors/mentors. Please note that if you work directly with children, you will be subject to a background check.

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